Live broadcast 生中継

During the course of the G8 Summit, we worked to broadcast live online from the International Media Centre, and various NGO events in Sapporo. Unfortunately security restrictions at the IMC meant that we were not able to broadcast directly from there, however our friends at Our Planet TV working hard to film NGO related activities recorded many of our press briefings, as well as interviews with Peace Boat staff at the scene Kawasaki Akira and Meri Joyce. We will be able to upload the links to these directly soon, but for now, please take a look at Our Planet TV’s ongoing specials from Hokkaido – covering a wide range of civil society activities that took place over the week!

You can also watch recordings of live broadcasts we were able to conduct from Sapporo online at Stickam –
This website is in Japanese, yet you can see the video through this link.






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