NGO Forum Closing Press Conference NGOフォーラム クロージング記者会見

Evaluation of 2008 G8 Summit and NGO Activities
~ From Toyako to Italy ~

On 9 July, the G8 Summit NGO Forum held a final press conference at the IMC, recapping and evaluating the efforts of NGOs in the leadup to and during the Summit itself. With speakers from both Japan and Italy – the chair of next year’s G8 – the conference was heavily covered by a range of both mainstream and alternative media – as you can see by the amount of press and cameras in the photos!
This conference was covered by the national news on television station NHK on the evening of the 9th. The same night, Television Asahi broadcast a special on the G8 and nuclear power, within which Peace Boat’s Kawasaki Akira’s comments were featured as follows: “Using global warming as an excuse for expanding nuclear power is not only a misguided policy, but it is also very problematic as it increases the risk of the proliferation of nuclear weapons.”

Facilitator: Kawasaki Akira, Peace Boat / NGO Forum Peace & Human Rights Unit Leader
Speakers: Hoshino Masako, NGO Forum Chair
Ayukawa Yurika / Ohashi Masaaki, Vice Chairs
Representatives, GCAP Italy, Italian NGOs



鮎川ゆりか/大橋正明 副代表



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