Last day in Hokkaido 北海道・最後の日

Some photographs of our last day in Hokkaido – leaving Niseko where we were staying, with a quick detour to have a look at the actual venue of Toyako – now that the G8 leaders had left and we were allowed in. We took kyuto (the Global Article 9 Campaign mascot) along for some quick sightseeing after a long week’s work as well!
It was very interesting to visit the town actually – just walking around you would never know that until the day before the G8 Summit had actually been held there, being very quiet and with all the residents just walking around and going about their usual business. The only visible remnant of the Summit was the few peculiar souvenir tshirts, “eco-bags” and kewpie dolls in the traditional costumes of the G8 countries on sale at the local produce shop!
Then back to Sapporo to say bye to everyone at the Sapporo Peace Boat Centre – thanks to them for all their support this week too!





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