Back to Tokyo

After a long week of campaigning, networking, translating, and going back and forth along picturesque roads between Sapporo, Rusutsu and Niseko, the whole Peace Boat team who were up in Hokkaido have now come back to Tokyo. Meaning that we now have a chance to really evaluate this whole week, instead of frantically coming up with more statements and holding more press briefings!

Tomorrow we will be sharing more pictures, media clippings and thoughts on the G8 Summit – but for now,
it’s time to get some sleep!

In the meantime, here are some articles from today’s newspapers featuring Peace Boat staff members:

Lack of concrete promises disappoints NGOs (Japan Times)
G8 trying to have it both ways on nukes (Japan Times)
世界からTOYAへ:市民の提言 メリ・ジョイスさん(毎日新聞)
(Title meaning: From the world to TOYA: Civil society recommendations, Meri Joyce (Mainichi Newspaper)



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