Global Article 9 Conference Statement to the G8 Summit / G8に対する9条世界会議声明

This statement was issued at the Global Article 9 Conference to Abolish War, calling for a the G8 countries, who together make up 70% of the world’s military expenditure, to reduce the money spent on arms and redirect resources to peace, development and the environment. We also call for a change in the methods of dealing with issues such as conflicts and “terrorism”. This statement was initially drafted by the Japanese Organising Committee, and was announced after obtaining the support of key international participants and supporters. This statement will be delivered to the countries of the G8 at the People’s Summit in Sapporo this coming July.

世界の軍事費の70パーセントを支出しているG8諸国に対して軍事費の大幅削減と平和・開発・環境への転換を求めた声明です。世界の国々に対して紛争や 「テロ」問題への対処法を変えることを求めています。日本実行委員会により起草され、主要海外参加者の賛同署名を得て発表されました。7月の北海道洞爺湖 サミットの前に、札幌での「オルタナティブ・サミット」などを通じてG8諸国に届けられます。
Global Article 9 Conference Statement to the G8 Summit (Original, English) [PDF]



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