Indigenous People’s Summit in Ainu Mosir 2008 「先住民族サミット」アイヌモシリ2008

Alongside the People’s Summit, another major event to be held concurrently with the G8 meeting this year was the Indigenous People’s Summit in Ainu Mosir 2008 – the first time such an event has been held.

Over 600 participants from Japan and around the world – representing Ainu Mosir (Hokkaido), Uchinanchu (Okinawa), the United States, Canada, Hawai’i, Guam, Australia, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Norway, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Taiwan, and Aotearoa (New Zealand) – gathered in the traditional land of the Ainu people over July 1-4 to discuss issues such as the environment, the recovery of the rights of Indigenous Peoples, education and empowerment.

Peace Boat had the opportunity to participate in the closing session. At this important gathering, the “Nibutani Declaration” and “An Appeal to the Japanese Government” were adopted – both of which can be downloaded in English, Japanese and Spanish here.





Our Planet TV interview インタビュー

An interview with Kawasaki Akira – Peace Boat Executive Committee member and leader of the G8 NGO Forum Peace & Human Rights Unit can now be seen on Our Planet TV’s special broadcast from Hokkaido. This episode also features footage of the International Media Centre, various scenes from civil society activities around the Summit, and an indepth interview with Tessa Morris-Suzuki of Australia’s National University (ANU).
(Japanese only)

ピースボート共同代表・G8NGOフォーラム平和・人権ユニットの川崎哲のインタビューは、ただいまOur Planet TVでご覧になれます。

NGO Forum Closing Press Conference NGOフォーラム クロージング記者会見

Evaluation of 2008 G8 Summit and NGO Activities
~ From Toyako to Italy ~


Some more pictures of the IMC / IMCの写真

Since coming back to Tokyo, we’d like to introduce little by little some of the other photos from Hokkaido that we didn’t have a chance to sort out while we were still up there.

These are from the International Media Centre (IMC) at Rusutsu – where each day we’d go through the heavy security check as in the first picture, then run up and down throughout the centre and the hotel all day (and half of the night) – a huge place, as you can see from the map in the next photo.



Last day in Hokkaido 北海道・最後の日

Some photographs of our last day in Hokkaido – leaving Niseko where we were staying, with a quick detour to have a look at the actual venue of Toyako – now that the G8 leaders had left and we were allowed in. We took kyuto (the Global Article 9 Campaign mascot) along for some quick sightseeing after a long week’s work as well!
It was very interesting to visit the town actually – just walking around you would never know that until the day before the G8 Summit had actually been held there, being very quiet and with all the residents just walking around and going about their usual business. The only visible remnant of the Summit was the few peculiar souvenir tshirts, “eco-bags” and kewpie dolls in the traditional costumes of the G8 countries on sale at the local produce shop!
Then back to Sapporo to say bye to everyone at the Sapporo Peace Boat Centre – thanks to them for all their support this week too!



We denounce the arrests and detentions of participants in excessively policed demonstrations.

July 9, 2008

Network of Lawyers Observing Human Rights Around the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit (WATCH)

The “7-5 Challenge the G8 Summit Peace Walk for 10,000” was held on July 5 in the city of Sapporo, and in sharp contrast with the peaceful demonstration itself, a markedly excessive and aggressive police presence constituted a flagrant violation of human rights. All along the walk’s route, plainclothes police security officers recorded and took pictures of demonstrators with cameras, and fully armed riot units stood in formation along both sides of the march to prevent average citizens from being able to view the demonstration.

Furthermore, in addition to pounding on a sound truck’s glass window with batons, police dragged the man sitting in the driver’s seat out of the vehicle and took him and a total of four individuals (one of whom is a reporter) to jail for interfering with official police duties or violating traffic laws.



(English version is available here)

7月5日、札幌市内において「7・5チャレンジ・ザ・G8サミット——1万人のピースウォーク」が開催されましたが、これに対する警察の規制は極めて過 剰で、デモが平穏に行われていたことに対比して、著しく人権を侵害する態様のものでした。沿道は、デモ参加者をカメラで撮影・記録する私服の公安刑事で埋 め尽され、また、デモの両サイドは、一般の市民がデモを見ることを阻止するような形で、完全装備の機動隊によって包囲されました。